Meade Willis helps companies integrate systems and automate their business processes with customized and out of the box cloud solutions.

Why Meade Willis?

Our CEO and talented team explain a little bit more about our values, our mission and our solutions.


XRP Systems Integrator and Consolidator

Since 1995 Meade Willis designed and developed platforms in order to seamlessly integrate with virtually any system, from legacy products to the latest ERP solutions. Integrated solutions are all interoperable with XRP EDI, the XRP Warehouse Management System, as well as all other XRP Suite modules.

Meade Willis’ integrator platform allows multiple systems to communicate with each other, by using conversion mapping, validation, and reconciliation tools. The solution consolidates and stores all data in a central repository, and this valuable information can be easily leveraged for Business Intelligence purposes or by any other system or application.



Meade Willis’ Warehouse and Transportation Management solutions support a wide range of clients across multiple industry sectors. They can be operated as a dedicated system or a shared warehouse environment. The systems have a comprehensive array of configuration options and the ability to define individual processes, ensuring that orders are fulfilled, coordinated with a carrier, picked up, transported and delivered in the most efficient manner.




Meade Willis’ XRP Web Order Management solution is a cloud-based platform developed to automate the ordering process in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The solution can stand alone or integrate with existing WMS or ERP systems. XRP WOM provides real-time order information exchange and status visibility between internal and external entities. Companies of all sizes can benefit from this solution and XRP WOM’s configurable business rules and order validations provide the flexibility required to meet any business need.



XRP Electronic Data Interchange is a highly scalable and customizable web-based platform that allows companies from any industry build electronic documents and transmit them via any protocol. The solution allows trading partners around the world to exchange and reconcile all types of business documents and generate associated customizable data exports and on-demand reports. XRP EDI can be tailored to meet the compliance requirements of each client and can easily integrate with existing systems.


XRP Electronic Invoicing

XRP Electronic Invoicing is a cloud-based solution that allows companies to automate their billing processes and workflows. The platform streamlines all accounts payable and receivable processes and seamlessly connects to customer, government and supplier systems. Meade Willis’ eInvoicing application offers data validation, format conversion, legal compliance options and digital signatures when required. Additional features include advanced encryption technology, business intelligence analytics, and detailed real-time tracking of documents.