System Integration


System Integration

Meade Willis’ Systems Integration & Data Consolidation services ensure that all different subsystems and data from multiple sources operate as one large application.

Meade Willis manages an extensive library of conversion programs in order to seamlessly integrate any process with both legacy and cutting-edge systems. The global UDX (Universal Data Exchange) platform allows multiple systems to communicate with each other as well as share information with, and between, data sources.

The Data Exchange platform allows organizations to:

  • Seamlessly send and receive information between data warehouses, disparate facilities and trading partners which may all require multiple or unique data formats

  • Receive purchase orders and shipping schedules directly into sales order processing applications or ERP system databases which are not equipped to handle EDI or non proprietary data formats

  • Issue invoices and Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) directly from ERP and accounting systems to customers who require invoices and ASNs in their own EDI or unique system formats (flat file formats)

  • Establish process automation of any business documents from any application and integrate with any system or trading partner


Connects to over 30 major networks & VANs


Connects to over 1,200 global, regional & enterprise specific standards & formats

Solution overview

Meade Willis’ Systems Integration & Data Consolidation services allow for direct integration with ERP/MRP systems, labeling software and processes, accounting packages, DRP and inventory management systems (WMS), as well as all manner of custom applications.

Seamless connectivity to transactional processes and communication feeds are provided through private networks (VPN), as well as AS2 and VAN services. Other connectivity methods and types, including web service calls, sFTP, and encrypted email, are also fully supported.

Meade Willis’ XRP platform integrates with:

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