Transportation Management System


MW’s XRP TMS is configured to accommodate business rules and requirements, allowing organizations the capability to define and deploy processes through the handling of complex requirements.

Meade Willis’ XRP Transportation Management System is designed to support both direct clients and logistics service providers (3PLs). The solution manages transportation activity throughout the supply chain and the cloud-based software allows all involved parties to track products as they move from one organization or location to another.

MW’s easy-to-use TMS platform enables companies to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate processes so they can run their logistics operations more efficiently.

XRP TMS has multilingual/multicurrency capabilities, as well as multi-billing plan options and customizable billing by activity. The solution is fully capable of determining shipment options using a detailed rules engine, incorporating package size, weight, destination, and desired delivery method. The system provides printed shipping labels when needed and can generate custom reports. Meade Willis’ TMS has configurable components for EDI, non-EDI, and non-transactional processes to provide a range of collaborative and integrated communication options.


Meade Willis’ solution reduces typical software life cycle costs, making the cloud-based application more attractive and cost-effective for all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Connections to Carriers

Rate Shopping

Flexible Pricing Options

Visibility of Users

Import Functionality

Pickup Request


Support Special Routing Instructions

Notification tool

Integration with WMS

Some other benefits and key functionalities are:

  • A flexible and powerful interface allowing the addition of new carriers to the solution.
  • Enables clients to take advantage of lowest cost delivery pricing offered by seamless access to a broad range of national, international, and local carriers.
  • Per label, monthly fee or negotiated plans.
  • Companies can define how they use/interact with the system and monitor how it’s being used.
  • Upload bulk data to further automate processes.
  • Allows companies to order a pick up from integrated carriers.
  • Companies can track shipments directly from the system with real-time visibility.
  • Allows customers to have multi-drop locations built into the system.
  • Receive proactive alerts when defined parameters are met.
  • XRP TMS can be incorporated into MW’s XRP WMS, which provides the automation of material-handling, and warehouse/inventory processes.
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