Meeting The Criteria – Do You Need A Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System?

Cloud computing is the phrase that is on everybody’s lips right now and, as you might expect, it has made its way into the world of warehouse management. Regular desktop-based warehouse management systems were and are still powerful- but the entry of cloud-based warehouse management systems promises to be a game changer in more ways than one. Which is why companies from all over the world are turning to these new solutions to streamline and improve their processes. If you do not have any warehouse management system or if you are thinking about improving the one that you already have then you should definitely be thinking about implementing a cloud-based warehouse management system. But, before you do so, it is important to remember that not all businesses need such a system. Most experts agree that such a system is best for businesses that are categorized as Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses although recent years have shown that they are just as great for some of the Tier 3 companies as well. So how can you tell whether or not you should implement a cloud-based WMS? Below are some questions whose answers should tell you whether or not you need such a system.

Do you want to access your inventory positions anytime, anywhere?

The biggest advantage of a cloud-based warehouse management system over the more traditional desktop-based warehouse management systems is that it allows users to have real-time access to their inventory positions from any part of the world and from any device with a reliable internet connection. This makes it ideal for a business that has operations in different locations and whose inventory is more widely distributed.

Do you run a seasonal business with extended breaks?

Most of the cloud-based warehouse management systems out there have very flexible payment plans which allow users to only pay for what they are actually going to use. So if, for instance, your business is what would be referred to as seasonal then there are months during the years when it will not be operational. At such time, you could benefit from a WMS that comes with a monthly payment plan since you will then only have to pay for months during which you actually use the system and not during the months when your company is not operational.

Do you have limited IT resources within your company?

Setting up an in-house warehouse management system is usually cost intensive and you will have to be prepared to spend a good deal of money buying all the necessary equipment. Not to mention the fact that you will need to have a team of IT experts to install and manage the WMS in your company. However, most of these problems are eliminated when you choose to go for a cloud-based warehouse management system. Not only do you avoid having to buy equipment but you also get access to top IT skills through the support provided by the WMS vendors.